Top Signs That Your Marriage is Headed for Divorce

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Divorce only comes out of the blue in country songs. Even if many people do not see it coming, there are usually signs of impending divorce that are present for all to see. Whether you see those signs depends upon whether your eyes are truly open—and upon if you know what are some of those signs.

It does not take a mind reader or a marriage counselor to interpret these – although a marriage counselor never hurts. There are almost always clear and consistent signs that you might be facing a divorce that should be obvious to just about anyone.

What are the Top Signs of Impending Divorce?

There are any number of sources that will tell you what they believe to be the top signs of marriage trouble. Even though lists will differ from source to source, everything listed by– no matter which source – typically seems like a fairly obvious sign. Some are more obvious than others, but there seems to be little validity in ignoring them.

One source puts these conditions in its list of top five signs of impending divorce:

  • Lack of gratitude: When a spouse stops expressing appreciation for the other’s efforts, that is not good. It is important to say “thank you” for small acts of kindness. Not doing so can indicate that someone just doesn’t care anymore.
  • Failure to “fight fair:” If one or both spouses cannot regulate emotions during a disagreement and take cheap shots, that can indicate a loss of respect for the other. That could mean the death of a relationship.
  • Not trying in the relationship: ‘If you are not trying, you are not winning’ is not simply a sports saying. It is a bad sign for a marriage. No one plans romantic weekends or cooks favorite meals for the other? That is a bad sign.
  • Refusing to take accountability: If a spouse refuses to admit to flaws or errors, they might be blaming the other spouse for them. It can certainly result in defensiveness or even blame-shifting.
  • Infidelity: If one spouse is seeking physical or emotional fulfillment outside of the marriage, it is a clear sign that the relationship is pointing toward the rocks.

Other experts list more signs, although many are similar or related to the ones cited above. They include:

  • Feeling defensive with one another.
  • Showing a lack of respect—or even outright contempt—during disagreements.
  • One partner – or even both – refuses to speak to the other.
  • Being overly critical of your partner.
  • Preferring pornography over the company of your spouse.
  • Engaging in online relationships or considering other actual relationships.
  • Lack of interest in sex.
  • Refusing to seek treatment for any addiction.
  • Refusing to attend marriage counseling.

All of these behaviors can indicate a lack of respect for your spouse or a lack of interest in correcting what is wrong in the marriage.

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