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Holly Rampy Baird appeared on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas to discuss the implications of COVID-19 on divorce cases and hearings, as well as how couples and courts are navigating.

ONDA's Response to COVID-19

Here are some common questions and our answers regarding ONDA’s commitment to you and your family law matter during this time.

Most Top 100 Super Lawyers

Out of 100,000 lawyers statewide, no other law firm has as many attorneys named to Thomson Reuters' list of Top 100 Super Lawyers in Texas.

Your Authority on Family Law

For more than 25 years, we at Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson have done more than learned the law, we’ve mastered it.

Hiring the Best Matters

In 2020, thirteen of our family lawyers were named to the list of Best Lawyers in America, by BL Rankings.

Recognized: Richard Orsinger, Keith Nelson, Scott Downing, Jeff Anderson, Will Reppeto, Brad LaMorgese, Amber Liddell Alwais, Paula Bennett, Lon Loveless, Paul Hewett, Holly Rampy Baird and Jim Loveless.

Divorce Is Never Easy

Which is why we guide you through the law and provide the best representation we can, when you need it most.

ONDA Family Law Lawyers Rated Best Law Firm by US News in 2020
Best Lawyers In America
Name Year
Richard R. Orsinger - Family Law 1987-2019
Appellate Law 2007-2020
Keith M. Nelson 2006-2020
R. Scott Downing 2005-2020
Jeffrey O. Anderson 2009-2020
William M. Reppeto III 2016-2020
Brad M. LaMorgese - Family Law 2016-2020
Appellate Law 2016-2020
Amber Liddell Alwais 2019-2020
Paula A. Bennett 2017-2020
Lon M. Loveless 2015-2020
Jim Loveless 1987-2020
Paul Hewett 2019-2020
Holly Rampy Baird 2020
ONDA Family Law is Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
Board Certified in Family Law
Name Year
Richard R. Orsinger 1980
- Civil Appellate Law 1987
Keith M. Nelson 1988
R. Scott Downing 1999
Jeffrey O. Anderson 1999
William M. Reppeto III 2002
Brad M. LaMorgese 2001
Amber L. Alwais 2009
Paula A. Bennett 2015
Lon M. Loveless 2011
Paul Hewett 2008
Holly Rampy Baird 2018
Jim Loveless 1980
R. Porter Corrigan II 2018
ONDA Family Law Voted Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters
Texas Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters
Name Year
Richard R. Orsinger 2003-2020
Top 10 in Texas 2009-2010, 2012-2014
Top 50 Central TX 2004-2011, 2013-2020
Top 100 in Texas 2003-2020
Keith M. Nelson 2003-2020
Top 100 in Texas 2013, 2015, 2017-2020
Top 100 in DFW 2009, 2011-2015, 2017-2020
R. Scott Downing 2003-2020
Top 100 in Texas 2009, 2013-2020
Top 100 in DFW 2009-2010, 2013-2020
Jeffrey O. Anderson 2003-2020
Top 100 in Texas 2016-2020
Top 100 in DFW 2012, 2015-2020
William M. Reppeto III 2014-2020, 2005-2006*
Brad M. LaMorgese 2004-2020
Top 100 in Texas 2013-2020
Top 100 in DFW 2013-2020
Amber L. Alwais 2013-2020, 2008-2010*
Paula A. Bennett 2020, 2018*
Lon M. Loveless 2014-2020, 2009-2014*
Top 100 in Texas 2020
Top 100 in DFW 2020
Paul Hewett 2013 - 2020
Holly Rampy 2014-2020*
Up-And-Coming 100 2017, 2019
Up-And-Coming 50 Women 2017, 2019
Jim Loveless 2003 – 2020
Top 100 in Texas 2007
Top 100 in DFW 2007
R. Porter Corrigan 2010-2012, 2014-2019*
Ryan Kirkham 2012, 2017-2020*
*Named Texas Rising Star
ONDA Family Law Voted Best Lawyers in Dallas by D Magazine
Best Lawyers in Dallas by D Magazine
Name Year
Richard R. Orsinger 2009
Keith M. Nelson 2014 2018
R. Scott Downing 2004* 2014 2016 2018
Jeffrey O. Anderson 2002* 2004* 2006* 2007-2009 2011-2012 2016-2020
Brad M. LaMorgese 2002* 2004* 2006* 2014 2017-2019
William M. Reppeto III 2015
Holly Rampy Baird 2018*
Ryan Kirkham 2018*
*Named Best Lawyers Under 40 in Dallas

Top Family Lawyers in Texas

Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP is one of the largest family law firms in Texas. Our clients all have one thing in common, they want the best divorce and family lawyers in the Dallas area and all over Texas. If you need a divorce lawyer in Dallas, give us a call today.

Why ONDA Family Law?

For more than 25 years, our Texas family law attorneys have worked to protect the legal rights of our clients and to find the solutions that work best. When you are involved in a family law case-whether it is a divorce, custody dispute, or any other issue—you need the best attorney by your side. At Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP, our legal practice is focused exclusively on family law and we work with our clients to understand their objectives and to develop a strategy to meet them.

Schedule a Confidential Family Law Consultation Today

At Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP, our Texas family law attorneys are proud to provide effective, reliable legal representation to our clients. To get help from an experienced family law attorney, please contact us today at (214) 273-2400 to set up a strictly confidential initial consultation. With law offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, and San Antonio, we handle family law cases throughout the state of Texas.

Practice Areas

The attorneys at Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson have decades of experience in every aspect of Family Law and can help you work through every stage of the process.


Every divorce is different. Our Texas divorce attorneys are committed to providing effective, reliable legal representation to increase the odds you get a favorable outcome for you, your family, your children, and your finances.

Child Custody

Custody can be the most contentious and emotional aspects of family law. Our Texas child custody lawyers have the skills and experience needed to protect your parental rights and help your family find the best path forward.

Property Division

Texas is a community property state. If you are going through a divorce, we will help you ensure that you obtain your fair share of the property under Texas law.


Unfortunately, you may run into a situation where you need help enforcing a family law order. Whether it is a custody order, child support order, alimony payment, or marital agreement, we are here to help.

Family Violence

Our Texas family lawyers represent clients in complex family violence cases. We will help you understand your rights and the consequences of a protective order.


You have the right to appeal an adverse family law decision-but, you only have a limited amount of time to take action. Contact our Texas appellate attorneys right away.

Marital Agreements

We can help you negotiate, draft, enforce, and litigate the full range of marital agreements. If you have questions about a prenup or a postnup, our Texas family lawyers are here to help.

Child Support

We represent parents in the full range of child support cases. If you need help establishing, modifying, or enforcing child support, contact our Texas child support attorneys today.

Grandparents Right

Under Texas law, grandparents may be entitled to establish custody and/or visitation rights. As these cases are especially complex, it is imperative that you hire a top grandparents’ rights attorney immediately.

Mediations & Arbitration

Not all family disputes are litigated in court. Other legal options, including mediation and arbitration, may be more effective. We have deep experience representing clients in family mediation and family arbitration in Texas

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