Preparing for Divorce: 5 Things You Should Do Before Filing For Divorce

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1. Meet with a Certified Family Law Specialist so you understand your rights, duties, and obligations in your State.

2. Gather copies all of your bank statements, credit card statements, loan agreements, tax returns, pay stubs, financial documents and other important documents, that delineate and corroborate all of your assets and debts.  If you have separate property, collect the supporting documents i.e. the Will, transfer documents, writings that support a gift…

3. Open a new bank account in your name, if you do not have one already, and redirect your paycheck into that account.  You will still need to disclose the account information and will probably have to use those funds to help pay for community expenses, but it protects your funds from being looted by your spouse.

4. Obtain a new and private email account so that you can privately and confidentially communicate with your attorney.  If your spouse has access to your social media accounts, change your passwords and do not post incriminating photos, discuss your activities, or write anything about your spouse.

5. Interview and select a counselor experienced in assisting those going through a divorce, to help you through the divorce and successfully transition to your new stage in life.