What To Look For When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Texas

Divorce Lawyer

Divorces are typically emotional and stressful, but every divorce has different legal and factual components that must be carefully considered for the best outcome. Two of the most critical parts of a divorce are the quality and experience of the divorce attorney you choose. Learn what to look for when hiring a divorce lawyer, then speak to our divorce lawyers in Texas for assistance with common divorce-related legal issues.

Decide The Type Of Divorce You Want

Before you select your attorney, it is vital to choose the type of Texas divorce you want. This means choosing between a contested or uncontested divorce. Ask yourself if your spouse will agree to a divorce and whether the two of you are likely to come to an agreement on common divorce problem topics.

If you can have an uncontested divorce, that can be completed within a few months and you might choose a particular attorney with that goal in mind. But if the divorce is contested and drags on for years, another attorney with extensive experience in negotiating and, most importantly, litigating could be preferred.

Ask Essential Questions

Each divorce process is a bit different from others. The circumstances, goals, and interests in your divorce could differ from other couples. Often, friends will tell one another person about their divorce. However, it is almost certain their divorces did not proceed the same way—and definitely didn’t end up exactly the same.

So, take plenty of time to analyze your priorities and devise questions to ask prospective attorneys. Bringing a list of questions can be extremely helpful for both the potential client and the attorney with whom you are consulting.

For example, some of the questions you may want to consider are:

  • How will specific real estate properties be divided, such as a vacation or second home?
  • If you will have to pay or will receive alimony, how much and what will be the duration?
  • How will the marital home be dealt with during the divorce?
  • Will there be a “primary” parent and what will be the visitation schedule with the children?
  • When do you anticipate the divorce being finalized?

Think About Experience

Hiring a divorce attorney (or firm) with many years of experience in the field is usually best. An experienced Texas divorce lawyer knows the possible twists and turns, as well as being familiar with local courts and family court judges. This experience can be crucial to obtaining a favorable outcome for your case.

Look At The Attorney’s Style And Personality

People in the middle of a divorce are often not at their best and may feel lost and vulnerable. You should look for your attorney to provide reassurance during a stressful time without giving you unreasonable expectations about how the case will turn out. The correct attorney for you will listen to your feelings and desires as the case goes on and use that information to build the best case and outcome but also will provide you with the practical and legal advice you need.

Think about how the attorney makes you feel when you talk to her in person or on the phone. You should feel comfortable with them, understanding you could deal with them on this stressful matter for months.

Contact Our Divorce Lawyers In Texas

Many things can go wrong when confronted with divorce in Texas. Without an attorney representing you, there is a high chance that you will not get the best outcome regarding property division, alimony, child custody, support, or other critical subjects. Please contact our divorce lawyers in Texas at Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson at (214) 273-2400 for assistance with your divorce.