The 7 Myths of Divorce: As Told by a Dallas Lawyer


The 7 Myths of Dallas Divorce

1. Women aren’t treated fairly.
“It’s the 21st century. Thankfully, we don’t see that anymore.”

2. Only the high wage earner is going to have justice.
“In our experience, the courts go to great lengths to be fair to both parties, regardless of earnings history – or capacity.”

3. Having political power affects justice.
“Political prominence or economic power is not going to get you anything.”

4. There’s a quick fix.
“Each case needs to be considered, and a specific strategy developed.”

5. Fathers can’t get custody.
“Not true. Men who want custody now have an equal chance of getting it.”

6. A demanding career means you won’t get custody.
“The courts have long been accustomed to parents with hard-charging jobs, and recognize
that it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t also great parents.”

7. All divorce lawyers are the same.
“They’re not – not by a long shot.”