Scott Downing: Business and Social Media Aspects of Divorce


D Magazine asked Scott Downing to weigh in on several divorce-related matters for its November 2019 issue. In “The Business of Divorce,” Scott talks about those who make decisions out of anger rather than taking the most reasonable course of action.

Some people just want their pound of flesh in front of a judge,” he says. “I’ve seen couples spend $75,000 on something that only cost them $25,000. They go for blood.

In “Before You Post: How Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce,” Scott again warns of the dangers of making rash decisions.

The instant gratification from sending a nasty email or text can quickly become Exhibit A for the other side. Resist temptation.

The issue, which also features quotes from ONDA partners Jeff Anderson, Keith Nelson and Brad LaMorgese, is available to purchase now.