How the New Frisco Office is Beneficial to the Firm, its Clients and the Attorneys

Jeff Anderson, Chris Oldner and Paul Hewett share how the new Frisco office helps their business and their work/life balance in “Home is Where the Heart is…And the office, and your family, and an amazing community…” in the March/April issue of Good Life Family.

“As Chris says it, “Every family is unique, and every family law matter is unique…The right lawyer, with the right background and experience, will be an investment that pays huge dividends throughout your case.”  Having representation from someone who lives and works in the county is especially beneficial to their clients.  According to Paul, “We are regularly in front of the local judges, and that benefit is beyond measure.” Jeff adds, “It helps to know your audience, and a family law attorney in Collin County will have more experience with those personalities, which means they will have a better foundation for presenting evidence more persuasively to their audience.”

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