Jeff Anderson Speaks to D Magazine on the Business of Divorce


Jeff Anderson was quoted in the November 2019 issue of D Magazine. In “The Business of Divorce,” Jeff discusses individuals who seem more interested in proving a point to their spouse and end up paying more than they should to do it.

You can argue all day in court that you should get the dog. But if [it] was separate property before you got married, in the end, it’s going to go back to the person it originally belonged to—and you’re out $10,000 over a single asset.

Jeff goes on to say that, in addition to a couple’s assets, a cost-benefit analysis should be run on the divorce itself.

If someone files for divorce, the likelihood is that they will eventually go through with it. However, in some cases, just having the consultation and going over what the divorce entails and how much it costs wakes them up and causes them to reconsider. Every once in a while, a couple will see me about a divorce, and the next time I hear from them, they have worked out their issues. Family lawyers are humans first; we want marriages to be the best they an be and succeed if possible.

You can read more from Jeff and the benefits of viewing a divorce like a business transaction in the November 2019 issue of D Magazine.