Jeff Anderson, Scott Downing and Keith Nelson Speak Out on Divorce


The latest issue of D Magazine spoke to attorneys specializing in Family Law from all over DFW and asked them what advice they’d give to those going through a divorce. Three ONDA attorneys — Scott Downing, Keith Nelson and Jeff Anderson — were part of that group, and this is what they had to say.

It’s a waste of your time and energy to keep engaging with your spouse on matters other than your children. Don’t send a four-page diatribe to your spouse and copy all family members and both lawyers about every issue. Don’t be drawn into false emergencies. Let the lawyers do their job and handle the communication. — Scott Downing

Every case that is hostile in nature has different critical forks in the road. Your lawyer should create a timeline that is used as a template, but understand this template can change. — Keith Nelson

Only post things on social media you would be comfortable seeing flashed before you on a screen in court. — Jeff Anderson

You can read more in the November 2019 issue of D Magazine, which is on sale now.