Holly Rampy Baird Talks to KERA About COVID-19, Quarantine, and Their Effects on Troubled Marriages

Divorce Attorney

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused leaders in government, business and education to coalesce around a single message: “Don’t go out. Stay at home.” With shelter-in-place orders enacted in nearly every state in the country, many are beginning to feel the strain. Especially those who might have been considering a divorce.

ONDA partner Holly Rampy Baird recently sat down with KERA to discuss the quarantine’s impact on these couples, and how it might lead them to seek a divorce faster than they might have otherwise.

“For some, the blemishes that they see, the problems that they see with their spouse, are really intensified and magnified when they are confined in a house together,” Baird said. “You know, they were on the fence and this has just been the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

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