Brad LaMorgese to D Magazine: Tips for a Productive Attorney-Client Relationship


In the latest issue of D Magazine, ONDA partner Brad LaMorgese gives his list of essential tips to ensure a good relationship between attorneys and their clients.

  1. Inform your attorney of relevant facts.
  2. Talk about pre- and postnups, if applicable.
  3. Complete assignments from your attorney.
  4. Listen closely to your attorney about what to expect.
  5. Disclose bad facts and criminal history to your attorney, even if they’re embarrassing.
  6. Hire a private investigator for investigative work, if needed.
  7. Don’t have expectations the divorce will be over quickly or inexpensively.
  8. Don’t sign anything without your attorney.
  9. Don’t work out a deal with your spouse without your attorney’s input.
  10. Don’t violate standing orders or injunctions.

The November 2019 issue, which also quotes ONDA partners Scott Downing, Keith Nelson and Jeff Anderson, is available to purchase now.