Brad LaMorgese to D Magazine: Divorce Do’s and Don’ts


D Magazine recently spoke to ONDA partner Brad LaMorgese, who gave his list of do’s and don’ts for those who find themselves in the middle of a divorce.

Divorce Do’s

  • Check social networking sites and shut your accounts on them down.
  • Inform your attorney of all relevant facts.
  • Gather information for inventories — assets and debts.
  • Be on your best behavior during the divorce.
  • Change passwords to your personal email account and private account.
  • Open an independent bank account.
  • Act as if every conversation is being recorded.
  • Act as if your writings will be read by a judge.
  • Gather copies of tax returns, bank statements, credit card statements and other financial records and bring them to your attorney.

Divorce Don’ts

  • Record phone conversations, unless you are a party to the conversation.
  • Install computer tracking software.
  • Change designations on insurance, retirement and estate documents.
  • Start another romantic relationship.
  • Open your spouse’s mail.
  • Hide bad facts from your attorney.
  • Have expectations the divorce will be over quickly or inexpensively.
  • Be rude or impolite to your spouse.
  • Send nasty text messages or emails to your spouse.
  • Delete any electronic data.

The November 2019 issue of D Magazine, which spoke with Family Law attorneys across DFW to get their thoughts on divorce, is on sale now.