Month: July 2015

Preparing For Mediation


PREPARING FOR MEDIATION Author: Jeff Anderson Courts often require mediation. Knowing what mediation is, how it works and when it is appropriately timed is important. What is Mediation?…

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Enforcements 101

Custody Enforcements

ENFORCEMENTS 101: Enforcing a Court Order During Divorce or Custody Proceedings Texas courts expect their orders to be followed and the Texas legislature has codified various methods for a litigant…

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Property Division 101

Property Division

PROPERTY DIVISION 101: Everything You Need to Know About Property Division You’re walking in to meet a divorce lawyer. You have so many questions. In fact, you have written a…

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Who Gets What In Texas


Divorce is a time of emotional stress. It can be difficult to decide which property is “yours,” “mine,””ours,” or “theirs.” Here are some pointers. When thinking about dividing property, draw…

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